Monthly Archives: December 2012

Team Meat: Mew-Genics

From the creators of Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac, comes a brand new game called Mew-Genics. Quoted from the website of Team Meat “Mew-Genics will feature over 12,207,031,250,000,000,000,000 cats.” Below is some concept art of the game. For more info visit the link below… Edmond Mcmillen, Advertisements

Bungie: Destiny

Destiny is the long rumoured secret project that will serve as bungie’s follow-up to the Halo series. In the concept art above it shows Earth in a future “littered with the ruins of man’s golden age.” Below is some more concept art from IGN. IGN, Andrew Goldfarb, Joystiq, Mike Schramm,